Keeping Dharma Alive

Keeping Dharma Alive: Volume I & Volume II — by Ian Prattis

Description of Keeping Dharma Alive: Volume I

What does our faith tradition have to say about war, terrorism, global warming, pedophile priests, planetary care and poverty? What can symbolize the way to change? This book answers both questions. It delivers a series of direct strikes against all forms of fundamentalism – whether they are Christian or Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. If these outmoded forms remain unchallenged, then their appeal to the ignorant and fearful resonates as a call to arms answered in different ways.

Keeping Dharma Alive: Volume I opens with Engaged Buddhism at the global, personal and community level. It provides a clear road map for peace, reconciliation and planetary care. It explores the possibility that our species is a Failed Genetic Experiment. This volume does not shrink from controversial issues of suffering in the 21st century – Iraq, corporate power, church scandals, fundamentalism, degraded environment and symbolic illiteracy. Wise teachings from the founders of different faiths need to be made relevant to 21st century conditions of suffering, otherwise dharma will die. The call is for a new generation of dharma teachers to skilfully refresh the teachings for the 21st century. The task is to retain the core essence of sacred teachings and see how they can be applied to modern conditions. The remedy is to retrain the mind so that wrong perceptions can be addressed and transformed, creating security and peace for all. Nelson Mandela and Thich Nhat Hanh provide role models.

This compelling treatise on human awakening is not a candidate for intellectual sophistry or for theological nicety. As a set of signposts it may be valuable if the signposts are not held on to after their usefulness is exhausted. It is not just an intellectual response to the redundancy of faith traditions. It is based on the author's experiential response to life.

Description of Keeping Dharma Alive: Volume II

Keeping Dharma Alive: Volume II is about meditation and the human spiritual journey, rooted in the life experiences and crises common to all of us. It contains practical step-by-step guidelines and outlines the necessity for our global civilization to synchronize individual, planetary and universal consciousness. The writer emerges as a seasoned, mature "cactus in full flower". It opens with a thorough investigation of Consciousness and the pitfalls of delusion and depression. In Chapter Two – Waves into Water – the attribute of skilfulness is woven into our practice so our glass is always half full rather than half empty. Chapter Three introduces neuroscience and meditation to grasp the prickly nettle of the different methodologies inherent in Science and Religion. It also serves up a novel twist on the Bose-Einstein condensate. The finale is a cautionary tale about spiritual teachers and how to avoid the karmic death dance of taking refuge in the personality of the teacher. Teachers who do not seek followers; who provide an example by how they live; and honor the teacher within; are the teachers to hold your attention. The experience of inner truth requires that we bring forth in the external world of political structure and global economics all that the inner experience delights us with. It is essential to continue opening – our hearts, our homes and lives in the simple act of giving to others. The whole world is our community; all people are brothers and sisters. This volume is a testimony to what Living Dharma looks like.

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Key Words: Middle East wars, fundamentalism, planetary care, engaged Buddhism, pedophile priests, tipping points, Nelson Mandela, Thich Nhat Hanh, new leadership.

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Key Words: Consciousness, Skilfulness, Neuroplasticity, Religion, Teachers, Guidance, Mindfulness

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