New Planet, New World

New Planet, New World

… is the finale in my "Chronicles of Awakening" trilogy. Time, culture, space and consciousness are fused across centuries in this action packed book of intertwining plotlines which arc into the epiphany of the final chapter - the end game of a philosophy for the future.

New Planet, New World Book Cover

New Planet, New World transports you to a faraway world free of Earthly problems - or so it seems. Earth in the near future is dying due to Humankind's damage to the environment. Children are sent via spacecraft to a distant planet to escape Earth and restart Humanity. Red haired Catriona is astonished to find raven haired Rising Moon is already living on the planet - thanks to ancient shamanic means. A sharing of cultures-technologies ensues as they join other Earth refugees to form a new, sustainable, caring community - but can they withstand the dark threat of invaders from Earth bringing very Earthly traits of treachery, rape, power struggles and murder?

The clash of centuries, late in the twenty first century, opens this epic novel of pioneers establishing community in a neighboring galaxy. It coincides with the demise of modern civilization on Earth. Four Hopi Sacred Keepers offer their lives in a ceremony to provide renewal on a distant planet that none of them will experience. A jihadist cell on Earth hijacks a spaceship and imperils the lives of the pioneers, who respond with tactical violence to kill them. The starkness of survival prepares a backcloth for distinct love stories. The dark episodes and lyrical passages move the story along with action, fear, resolution, death, execution, rape, bravery, ethical settlements and exile in a futuristic opportunity for humanity.

This sci-fi finale of the "Chronicles of Awakening" trilogy stands on award winning Redemption and Trailing Sky Six Feathers. From these prior books New Planet, New World incorporates minor characters who become front and center in this futuristic adventure. Time, culture, space and consciousness are fused across centuries. This action packed book of intertwining plotlines arc into the epiphany of the final chapter, which muses about human survival anywhere. The end game of a philosophy for the future. The reader now begins to anticipate and harken to the rip tides of this futuristic novel.

Chronicles of Awakening Trilogy

Book One: Redemption
Book Two: Trailing Sky Six Feathers
Book Three: New Planet, New World

New Planet, New World is the final book of a trilogy. The first book Redemption was a lost manuscript, first written in 1975. I rediscovered this heartfelt book in 2011. The narrative was vivified with hindsight from my writer's eye forty years later. The story is an allegory for life difficulties I experienced at that time. I was a real mess, yet despite my desperate state of mind this novel about Awakening emerged.

Redemption is set in The Hebrides, islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, with startling cycles of maturing and downfall of the epic character, Callum Mor. He was a gifted child, master mariner and derelict drunk, who eventually gains wisdom from a hard life's journey. He enters the dark zone of alcoholism and withdraws from society. With only his animals keeping him this side of sanity, he survives in a bleak solitude. Laced with grim humor, the novel has nature's harsh and beautiful rhapsody as the background for tragic human failings; violence, power, murder, rape and madness. The failings are ultimately topped by the triumph of the human spirit. A family with a young girl seeks refuge from a storm at his house and slowly Callum Mor steps away from self-destruction to an astonishing awareness that triumphs over his tragedies. He saves the girl's life in a blizzard and the glimmer of awakening dawns in him to set the stage for the final drama that illustrates the resilience of the human spirit.

Redemption is a deeply moving tale of desolation, love, loss, transformation and hope. It reads like an extended prose poem reflecting the primal forces of nature and of human nature. Its starkly gorgeous and remote island setting creates and reinforces the central themes of struggle, family, community and wonder at the beauty of the world. The rich cast of characters offers numerous gripping interludes that brim with interpersonal drama. The story centers on and is always connected to Callum Mor, but he is surrounded and influenced by a fantastic cast of family and fellow islanders. They provide a deep well of material as their conflicts and intrigues move the plot forward and offer a vast array of powerfully emotional moments. The story arcs of other characters in the novel offer intriguing counterpoints to one another and to Callum Mor. Their hopes, desires and difficulties intermingle in a tumultuous tapestry of human existence.

The narrative tone is generally quiet and introspective, but it is frequently punctuated by storms both literal and metaphorical. Loaded with the symbolism often found in parables, Redemption alludes to more than what is openly stated. Every scene provides a striking visual clarity that mystically slips into the realm of timeless storytelling. All of this provokes the tapestry for deeper, more subtle messages of compassion and faith to carefully unfold. From the rhapsody of an idyllic childhood through traumatic tragedies to the derelict zone of alcoholism and then a state of awakening, I depict the stations of a personal Calvary that ultimately leads to Redemption.

Dr. Tom Hagen, his wife Sian and daughter Catriona comprise the family taking refuge at Callum Mor's house. They are writ large in the final book. I place them in New Planet, New World in the near future of 2080. Dr. Hagen becomes the chef-de-mission of the International Space Agency mission to settle on a planet in a nearby galaxy. Tom, Sian and Catriona move from a minor key in Book One to a massive symphony in Book Three, as their characters fill New Planet, New World to the brim.

Book Two of the trilogy, Trailing Sky Six Feathers, is a Hero's Journey as if Indiana Jones meets the Buddha with a dash of Celestine Prophecy. Shamanic healing of childhood sexual abuse, guru training and near death experience in an Indian ashram has this author stumbling through the first part of life, then standing strong in his own sovereignty in the latter part. Past life memories collide head on with the present, all thanks to the persistence of Trailing Sky, the Muse who refused to give up on me. Karma is reversed, the internal battles are over as the author begins to live life as a Meditation for Gaia. The relentless shadowing by this engaging Muse brings understanding not only to me, but to anyone engaged in overcoming the darkness of their past.

With a voice steeped in authentic experience, I navigate past and present lives over four centuries; from brutal raids on Indian settlements in 18th century Arizona, insane sea voyages off the Scottish Hebrides in the 20th century, to a decisive life moment of surrender to the Muse in the 21st century. These screenplay-worthy epic tales weave seamlessly to create inspiration for a wide range of fellow spiritual seekers. The genre is legend mixed with autobiography. Trailing Sky initiates a dream vision in 2008 that caps my slow process of remembering a clear mosaic of experiences stretching back in time over four centuries. Over a period of thirty years (1980 - 2010) four extraordinary mentors enhance this process of remembering for me, while Trailing Sky waits patiently from the distant past. I learn how to reconfigure my understanding of time, place, consciousness and Carl Jung's psychology.

When I talk to folk about Book Two, the first question is usually, "Why did you write this book?" I reply, "Global Citizens are staring into the abyss yet instead of being eaten up by it all I say to you 'Awaken Spiritually.' That changes everything. We have made our world an unpredictable beast because we fail to work with it intelligently. Rumi's wise words are cogent, 'Sit down and be quiet. You are drunk and standing on the edge of the roof.' We have to take back control of ourselves and this is a spiritual matter. Turning on the switch of awakening seems to be a good idea right now. We just need to touch the sacred in ordinary experiences of life to find the courage, skill and determination to transform. I wrote Trailing Sky Six Feathers to shed light on issues that will affect our world for generations to come. The example of my own challenging journey and personal transformation illuminates one path to inspire others to choose their way to expand consciousness and chart the course for a future beyond the abyss. The human race does not need to be stuck with maladaptive options and patterns. We can and must transform. The key to change this deep freeze is Awakening, a spiritual relationship with self and Mother Earth."

Our industrial growth civilization is a system devouring itself, dislocating the organic structures of Mother Earth to the point that all species, not just our own, are at risk. It has taken us to a dangerous precipice. From there we stare into the abyss of climate change, ecosystem and financial collapse, ISIL, resource wars, cyberbullying, terrorism and anarchy.

The two main characters that open the book in 18th century Arizona are Trailing Sky Six Feathers and Eagle Speaker. When the reader encounters Trailing Sky Six Feathers, my Muse from the past, they encounter a powerful, relentless woman who transforms my life in reality in the 21st century, not in historical fiction. She has been described as one of the most powerful woman in modern Canadian literature. Eagle Speaker is her husband and also my transformation vehicle. He dies cradled in her arms in a medicine wheel in the year 1777. As he takes his last breath Trailing Sky whispers to him, "I will find you. I will find you." She assures her daughter, Rising Moon, that she too will find him. Rising Moon has a minor role in Book Two, yet by transferring her to the new planet in the final book, New Planet, New World, I bring the 18th century to collide with the 21st century. Time, culture, space and consciousness are fused across centuries to create the final book of the trilogy.

New Planet, New World provides a counterpoint to the demise of modern civilization. I chart a Beginning Anew for humanity, a communal Hero's Journey to reconstruct society based on ecology, caring and sharing, as power elites ignore their complicity in the destruction of life on Planet Earth. This adventure is not without risk or cost. The clash of centuries opens Chapter One with a lyrical and dangerous meeting on a distant planet later this century. The protagonists are from different centuries and cultures. From the 18th century Rising Moon is hurled by shamanic means to Planet Horizon in a nearby galaxy. From the 21st century Catriona gets there from a failing spaceship in an escape craft. Catriona is taken prisoner but fights back screaming, "I am not your enemy." Instead of killing one another the two young women choose to be blood sisters and embrace survival, accepting nature as their Matriarch. This fragile thread is challenged by the brutal abduction and rape of a main character, Sian the Celtic seer. Her inner strength, of being more than a violated body, inspires the community of pioneers who escape safely from the damaged spaceship. They create a communal structure of living and carve out a home and presence on the new planet.

Four Hopi Sacred Keepers offer their lives in a ceremony to enable renewal on a distant planet that none of them will experience. Mysticism combines with hi-tech to enable a Transfer Particle to seed the new planet and establish settlements. The expansion of communities is interrupted by a jihadist attempt to take over. A terrorist cell on Earth hijacks a spaceship and imperils the lives of the pioneers, who respond with tactical violence to kill them. The stark violence of survival prepares a backcloth for three distinct love stories to emerge. Ethical settlements grow as a mirror for Tolstoy's vision of "people of the twenty fifth century" – ahead of their time. The dark episodes and lyrical passages move the story along with action, fear, resolution, death, execution, rape, bravery and exile in a futuristic opportunity for humanity.

This action packed book of intertwining plotlines arc into the epiphany of the final chapter (Thirteen), which muses about human survival anywhere. This end game is a philosophy for the future. The inclusiveness of science combines with Tolstoy's vision, Pope Francis' Climate Change Encyclical and not repeating the mistakes of the carbon cabal. The underlying message is from Tolstoy, the 'Conscience of Humanity.' He described humanity's bottom line as the cultivation of love, the mainspring for authentic and responsible living. I do not present this as idealism, rather as down to earth wisdom. That is why I wrote this futuristic novel that takes place in the near future. It is the final book of "Chronicles of Awakening."

The reader now begins to anticipate and harken to the rip tides of this futuristic novel.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Fight between Catriona and Rising Moon

She looked around for combustible material to build a fire, while her mind deeply grieved the loss of her parents. There was an abundance of dry weathered wood on the sandy beach. Catriona quickly gathered a clumsy pile and ignited it with her small hand laser. Then she consumed the emergency landing rations – protein, liquid and sedative. She followed all the necessary protocols as the wood caught fire. Then the shock hit her. She was shaking uncontrollably, frightened and at a total loss. Catriona sat weeping next to the bonfire. Tears splashed on her delicate hands, leaving wet blotches on her grey space tunic. Her sobs were accompanied by the gentle lapping of the lake, as it washed ashore driven by wind.

She felt a presence close by and turned around. A young woman wearing an embroidered buckskin dress and calf length laced moccasins was standing there with her bow pulled back, an arrow pointed right at the middle of her chest. She gasped at the stern yet beautiful face, noticing a cut on the woman's forehead and a long braid of black hair hanging loosely at the front. She took everything in about this fierce apparition who clearly meant her harm. She watched the woman carefully approach closer, one silent foot after the other, the arrow unwavering from its destination. The woman had a long knife in a sheath at her embroidered belt. Her deep dark eyes pierced right into Catriona. She had not been on the spaceship.

Catriona summoned all her courage, abandoning her shock and grief. Her voice quivered, "Who are you? Where did you come from? How are you here?" Her cry echoed through the deadly silence.

In halting English the strange woman replied tersely, "Why you need to know?"

There was a fierce edge to her words. The stranger's eyes glared steadily at the young red haired, blue eyed woman dressed in a body tunic from neck to feet. She noticed the tear lined face and the strange craft pulled up on the shore. Catriona bravely stood her ground though her hands were shaking. She stepped forward and in an instant the intruder lowered her bow and swiftly threw a lariat so the noose settled around Catriona's neck. With a sharp jerk Catriona went face first into the sand. Her assailant quickly bound her hands behind her back with a leather strap from her belt. She then jerked Catriona upright and they were face to face.

Catriona's deep blue eyes blazed with anger. She was suddenly alert and yelled into the woman's face, "I am not your enemy. We may be the only two people on this planet and you choose stupidity."

Then Catriona head-butted the dark eyed woman on the bridge of her nose, just as she had learned in martial arts training aboard the spaceship. As the woman stumbled back, Catriona with her hands still tied behind her back, pivoted on her left foot and landed a perfect round house kick to the side of her assailant's head with her right foot, followed by a swift side kick into her ribs.

Catriona's onslaught briefly caught the woman by surprise yet once again she faced an arrow aimed right at her heart. Catriona saw the woman pull the bowstring back and stared into dark angry eyes. Time stood still, then the woman's eyes suddenly changed and her mouth fell open. She had heard her mother's voice speaking inside her mind to put the bow down. She felt the weight of her mother's hand lower the bow. The two young women were both breathing heavily. The fire leaped in flames as it caught the adjacent logs. There was only a ripple of air across the lake. Both women were indifferent to the morning's layered colors spreading across the lake and into the sky.

Out of the mouth of the intruder came the words, harshly spoken, "My mother's spirit does not permit me to kill you. She tells me that I am not your enemy." She had also been told by her mother's inner voice that this woman was a blood sister for her, yet made no reference to that intense guidance. She dropped her bow on the sand, released the lariat around Catriona's throat and untied her bound hands. They looked deeply into the eyes of the other, searching for violence and harm. Neither could find any. They stood by that gentle lake, starkly silent until their breathing calmed.

This work is exquisite – the colors, movement, confusion, overlap, confrontation… visceral interpretation of connectedness... these are the words 'New Planet, New World' bring up for me. …the last book in a trilogy, bringing the vibrancy, violence, cataclysms, and expansive growth of the characters' experiences on different planets, back full circle to share in the humanity of hope for us all!"

Virginia Minchkin, Poet

Ian Prattis' admirable command of language brings to every scene a striking visual clarity.

Julia Ann Charpentier, Literary Critic

Ian Prattis has been gifted with the ability to move, encourage and inspire others through his books. He writes about ethics, religion, personal experiences, spirituality, transformation and excels at the task. It is time to celebrate his many accomplishments with this recent literary masterpiece.

Joslyn Wolfe, Editor: Focus on Women Magazine

I am deeply honoured to see part of this journey… What Ian Prattis has already done for this world and what he continues to do with this book provides a sense of relief and gratitude not only to me but for anyone who turns the pages of this epic work.

Maggie McLeod, Artist

Ian Prattis is a master storyteller. His writing style reminds me of Magical Realism used in Latino American literature, where there is magic in the rational world and there is no lineal time, the characters live in a circle where past, present and future happen simultaneously. At this time of turmoil the message of hope that Ian has to offer is very much needed by new and old generations.

Camila Reimers, Chilean-Canadian Author

In his new book, New Planet, New World, author Ian Prattis shares a compelling futuristic Hero's Journey of hope for humanity. And he offers an age-old prescription for bringing about the realization of that hope: the cultivation of love, the mainspring for authentic and responsible living, as taught by the elders of all spiritual cultures throughout history. This book is a wisdom teaching of its own, with the past informing a hope for the future.

John Lundin, author of "The New Mandala - Eastern Wisdom for Western Living" (written with the Dalai Lama) & "Journey to the Heart of the World" (written with the indigenous elders of la Sierra Nevada in Colombia)

Ian Prattis has created a magnificent journey through time and space – dimensions too - in sacred ways of honouring all peoples, their ancestors, future generations and the kindly power of Nature. The acts of generosity, the authentic responsibility explored and experienced throughout this book nourishes my body, mind and spirit.

Rabia Wilcox, Counsellor

"New Planet, New World" is a powerful novel which explores an alternative to the destructive path civilisation is presently on. The intricacy of many themes keeps the reader engaged with brilliant writing that is exciting, tender, engaging and thoughtful. The underlying message is the fostering of love as the basic philosophy for the future. Most arresting is the fiery rant by Dr. Tom Hagen at the UN in 2080 addressing the stubborn refusal of governments and corporations immersed in the oil/carbon complex to take heed. The relationship between Catriona and Rising Moon is particularly moving. We observe two young women from different worlds coming together to create a haven for young people, placing their safety above ego fostering. Through these characters, we consider how any two nations can apply similar principles while civilisation still has the chance. The battle with jihadists is riveting and difficult to bear, but even here compassion prevails.

This futuristic novel combines science with Pope Francis' Encyclical and strong warnings regarding the disregard by carbon cabal leaders. Tolstoy's assertion of love as the basis for proper living pulsates as an undercurrent throughout each chapter. Dr. Prattis succeeds in offering us a gift of hope in troubled times via the presentation of a new way of living based on ecology, respect and compassion. "New Planet, New World" not only is one of the most important books of 2016; it is a wake-up call for all of humanity. Ian Prattis' writing moves me… a visionary sent from God to our troubled world.

Anita Rizvi, Therapist

In this original and surprising plot twist, the final book of this trilogy leaps into the near future. This future does not exist as a separate chronological entity, it is simply part of the eternal 'now', the 'now' that requires mindfulness. We learn through the twists and turns of the individual stories that the spirit of this Mother Earth is in all of us, at all times, wherever we are in the universe. The trilogy as a whole guides us from one man's macrocosm, through the connectedness of spirit throughout time and out into the expanse of the universal macrocosm.

Lynn Ross Adamson-Malelli, Photographer

The stories in the trilogy are diverse and very human tales that touch deeply into the emotional heart. The beautiful and evocative writing brilliantly weaves the stories together, carrying us along as we evolve with the author, learning what it truly means to be human. This final book completes the journey that has taken us across great distances of time and space while also keeping us rooted firmly in our hearts. I highly recommend New Planet, New World. Not only is it an inspirational and heartfelt story, it is a magnificent adventure to savour and enjoy.

Eleanor Aranoff, Reiki Master

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