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Talks and Book Signings for Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

Friday, July 4:
      Singing Pebble Bookstore, Ottawa
      6:30pm - 8:00pm

Ian signing his book at Singing PebbleIan signing his book at Singing Pebble

Friday, August 1:
      Antigonish Public Library, Antigonish NS
      6:30pm - 9:00pm
      Contact: Aaron Padolsky

Wednesday, August 13:
      Greely, Ontario
      7:00pm - 9:00pm
      Contact: Kay Aveling

Saturday, August 16:
      Bhakti Festival, Ladysmith, Quebec
      1:00pm - 2:00pm
      Contact: Amanda Porter

Sunday, September 21:
      Word On the Street Festival, Queen's Park Circle, Toronto
      11:30am - 12:30pm & 2:30pm - 3:30pm
      Contact: Courtney Salazar

Press Release for Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

Indiana Jones meets The Buddha

Memoir of spiritual exploration calls for self-discovery and conservation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - Are social issues such as climate change, financial collapse and nuclear technology making civilization vulnerable to extinction? Professor, scholar and world traveler, Ian Prattis believes that our culture needs to awaken spiritually in order to ensure survival.

"Our world has become an unpredictable beast that we fail to work with intelligently," Prattis said. "We have to take back control of ourselves and this is a spiritual matter."

Prattis' new book "Trailing Sky Six Feathers" illuminates issues that he believes will impact the human race for generations. The book follows him on his spiritual journey as he travels across the globe throughout the course of two lifetimes.

"Trailing Sky Six Feathers caps my long-term fascination with consciousness," Prattis said. "My past life memories are now allowed to collide head on with the present."

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"Trailing Sky Six Feathers"
By Ian Prattis
Price: $15.99
ISBN: 978-1-4931-9679-1
Available at: Amazon, Xlibris and Barnes & Noble online bookstores

About the Author
Ian Prattis is a poet, Professor Emeritus, founder of Friends for Peace and a spiritual warrior for planetary care and social justice. Ian now lives with his wife Carolyn in the west end of Ottawa where the Pine Gate Meditation Hall is located in the lower level of their home. Since retiring from Carleton University in 2007, he has authored four books on dharma, two on the environment, a novel and this legend/autobiographical combo and enjoys the freedom to create at his own pace. He has yet to discern the ordinary meaning of retirement.


EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact:
     Ryan Simpson | 317-275-2057 | [email protected]
     (When requesting a review copy, please provide street address.)

Reviews of Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

Check out the reviews on the authors website: or you can read the review of Trailing Sky Six Feathers at BlueInk Review

Purchase Options for Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

You can buy my new book, Trailing Sky Six Feathers in any of the following ways:

An Autographed Softcover Version is available by visiting my website's Trailing Sky Six Feathers Page. On that page, scroll down and click on the ORDER BOOK tab.

Located on the ORDER BOOK tab are also options for ordering Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book versions of Trailing Sky Six Feathers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publsiher, Xlibris! To make things simpler here are the links:

XLIBRIS: Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book

AMAZON: Hardcover and Softcover

Barnes & Noble
BARNES & NOBLE: Hardcover and Softcover

On the website you can also find more information about the book and the author, Ian Prattis.

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Ian Prattis is an Author, Poet, Professor Emeritus, Founder of Friends for Peace and Spiritual Warrior for Planetary Care, Peace and Social Justice.

Zen teacher since 1997, he offers retreats and public talks all over the world. Ian encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed.
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