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"Redemption Wins Gold"

"Redemption" was the Gold Medal Winner in the General Fiction category of the 2015 Florida Book Festival. The awards ceremony was on January 31, 2015, in Orlando.

Here is a recent Press Release about this award winning book.

Novel chronicles Scotsman's "Redemption"
      Ian Prattis shares allegory of prevailing over personal demons, triumphing over life's hardships

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Redemption Screenplay Recommendation

This recommendation is a section of a Hollywood Treatment for a feature film.

REDEMPTION is a lyrical and moving tale of struggle, love, loss, transformation and hope. Its starkly gorgeous and remote island setting creates and reinforces the central themes of struggle, family, community and wonder at the beauty of the world, and its rich cast of characters offers numerous gripping interludes that brim with complex interpersonal drama. The book is short, but there is more than enough material here for a satisfying full-length film adaptation. If handled with the same care and grace as the novel, a film could be highly successful…

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Interviews and Reviews for Redemption:

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→ Female First Interview by Lucy Walton-Lange on November 19, 2014

→ Magic City News Review by Martha Stevens-David on Dec 17, 2014

→ Xilibris Radio Interview on Oct 19, 2014:

→ Blog Talk Radio Interview on Jan 3, 2015

→ The author, Ian Prattis, speaks about "Redemption" on his blog:
Please click here to read the blog post.

Purchase Options for Redemption:

You can buy Redemption in any of the following ways:

An Autographed Softcover Version is available by visiting my website's Redemption Page. On that page, scroll down and click on the ORDER BOOK tab.

Located on the ORDER BOOK tab are also options for ordering Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book versions of Redemption from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publsiher, Xlibris! To make things simpler here are the links:

XLIBRIS: Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book

AMAZON: Hardcover
AMAZON: Paperback

Barnes & Noble
BARNES & NOBLE: Hardcover
BARNES & NOBLE: Paperback

On the website you can also find more information about the book
and the author, Ian Prattis.

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Ian Prattis is an Author, Poet, Professor Emeritus, Founder of Friends for Peace and Spiritual Warrior for Planetary Care, Peace and Social Justice.

Zen teacher since 1997, he offers retreats and public talks all over the world. Ian encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed.
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