Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy

Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy

Jana Begovic, author of the novels: Poisonous Whispers and Dragonfly Slayer

Ian's writing style keeps one motivated to keep turning the pages wanting to know more. His passion for sharing his insights and growth has no bounds, and triggers others to take action. May all who invest their time absorbing these pages find it in their own hearts to live the example being created within his prose. Ian is the stone being tossed into the waters of life. Let his ripple be felt on all shores.
Prattis' new publication, Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy is another riveting medley of poetry and prose, autobiographical essays and a memoir of his mystical journey as a shaman and a Zen teacher. His gentle but powerful activism to save the Earth is the sacred glue fusing together all of the genres featured in this book. Prattis uses the power of the word to remind us to open our hearts and our senses to the natural world, to hear the symphony in the whale song, and marvel at the flight of geese, or to "see spring blossoms cast a rainbow in summer rain."
Prattis' reflections on impermanence remind us that "our only possessions are the consequences of our actions", and that we should awaken from our apathy and slumber and show a renewed reverence toward nature becoming both leaders and followers of radical change. His social commentary on wars and the destruction of our home Earth is couched in stirringly beautiful poetic language, which acts as a guiding light to beckon us toward a shift of consciousness.

Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy


"…. A weaving of hope, finding divinity in our life walk and mindfully tuning into the wisdom and messages from nature with humility, respect and reverence."

Dawn James, Author

Excerpt from Section 1


I presently live in Ottawa, Canada and encourage people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed.

My poetry, memoirs, fiction, articles, blogs and podcasts appear in a wide range of venues. I bravely go into literary work, a stone tossed into the oceans of life.

However, it took a long time for me to step out on a journey of transformation.

As a young man I struggled with anger, violence, greed and being self-centered, though I was concerned about Mother Earth since childhood. Indigenous First Nation elders taught me the ways and traditions to guide my way onwards. I knew that the achievements of these primal indigenous societies must become an integral part of our future human consciousness. They knew that the genocide they suffered was provided by the actions of clergy, colonialists and industrialists - stamped into their brains and hearts.

Now - I bluntly talk about humanity's future as precarious, brutal, and dark until we learn to save our climate, health and cultural emergencies.

As a university professor I had the experience of thousands of student dialogues and did my best to present history and context clearly, accurately and vividly. The main theme was that there are two forks in the road. Which will we take? Dark, bone chilling and captivating, or inter-connectedness and interdependence of humans, community, and nature elements.

Relationships allow us to survive, thrive, heal and grow. The prevailing theme is survival and love in humanity and in nature - despite the challenges. Yet pathological consumption degrades our planet as industrial systems devour themselves. Are we at the end game without a philosophy for the future?

Our tomorrow will be shaped by the actions we take right now. There is still a short time to ground economy in ecological principles and the constraints of thermodynamic. We are in the midst of a health, medical, cultural and environmental crisis. The enemy now is us and our unsustainable way of living with others on our fragile planet...


Krystina McGuire-Eggins, Therapist

With this, his twentieth book, Dr. Prattis takes the reader on an enchanting journey of discovery. Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy resembles a mosaic. But, instead of stones or tile, the mosaic is crafted with poems and prose, all interconnected by topics that hold a special place in the writer's heart. Dr. Prattis reflects on climate change, Indigenous wisdom and captivating spiritual journeys that he has experienced in his own life. As always with Dr. Prattis' work, the reader is left with more knowledge and wisdom. If you have enjoyed Dr. Prattis' previous works, this one will not disappoint.

Carol Gravelle, Writer

Our determination to be peace and our courage to stand for it creates the force for peace and courage to stand for it. The author enters into deep listening, respectful communication, understanding to create bridges of understanding across the boundaries that separate us from one another and the Earth. Bravo Dr. Prattis!

Claudiu Murgan, Writer

"Legacy" is the word I would use to comprise the essence of Dr. Prattis' latest book - "Sacred Ceremony and Desert Legacy." He offers wisdom, experiences, assertiveness and activism of the highest quality. Beautifully captured in words that will last for future generations to enjoy, the desert is a living being, pulsing with energy, ceremony, and traditions." Re-reading the story of his prior books, I was filled with energy and awe for how much is involved in creating a Medicine Wheel. I would be humbled to receive such training if you ever think of leaving such legacy to others that you consider worthy.

If you would like to discuss the book with me, you can contact me directly via Email, or head on over to my Blog.

Ian at Rachel's Point

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